PROFESSIONAL/ Tourism Marketing – e-Mobile Revolution

Marketing of destinations and businesses is more and more focusing on the possibilities of mobile phones. What are the Dos and Don’ts when starting with mobile marketing? Why is it so important for efficient marketing?


Destination Marketing: Can’t Do without Mobile

Kevin Eagan

As half of Americans switch to using mobile sites to browse the web and an increasing number of tourists bring smartphones and tablets on vacation, it becomes clear that mobile sites and apps are not an option anymore – they have become a necessity. Mobile technology is everywhere and destinations and tourist attractions need to start embracing it to bring in business and satisfy consumers or else they risk falling behind. Attractive Mobile Site Connecting to an audience and appreciating the...

The Case of Vermont: Employing Mobile Marketing Strategies

Wayne M. Gore

A considerable portion of the publicity for the tourism industry is still through the print and the broadcast media. However, in Vermont the marketing strategy to improve tourism has been given a new direction using the power of the Internet combined with the increased use of smartphones. The new strategy is aimed at getting to know the visitors' specific interests from the vast database of consumer information that is collected. A new tourism campaign was in force last winter at South Stat...

Airlines: New Customers and Loyalty through Mobile

Samuel Dorsi

The mobile phone has become a permanent accompaniment for almost every adult on the planet. Many organizations are realizing the value of the device in brand exposure and regular advertising. The mobile is personal and therefore more trusted than the TV for example. The aviation industry has not been left behind on this front. Using the mobile to advance the industries’ interest is becoming a staple in airline marketing. The mobile method starts with an understanding of the customer's device....

Getting Mobile: Tips for Successful Hoteliers

Larry Brain

Social media in the hospitality industry are not a distribution channel. Social media are a tool that works well in terms of engagement of customers. Thus they play important role as a component in the marketing mix within the hotel industry. Mobile channel is legitimately the hotel distribution channel with 2.4% of online travel bookings in the U.S being done using the mobile web. This is considered to be more than 100 times the booking done using the social media. The mobile channel was gro...