PROFESSIONAL/ MICE Industry – The Trends of 2013

Smartphones, tablets, bandwidth – all of them are crucial for organizing meetings. Technology is the challenge no. 1 for any conference venue.


10 Predictions for Business Travel, Meetings and Events in 2013

Ashley Nault

It seems that the business travel, meetings and events industry continues to evolve each year, and 2013 will likely reflect some significant shifts that will influence where, when and how we meet in the future. "While the economy has been a challenge in recent years, it seems that 2013 will begin to change that trend," says Jorge Rubio, director of Tourist Office of Spain in Chicago. "For Spain, we saw a growth of 3% in 2012, in spite of the economic crisis. Similar growth is projected for 2013...

Conference Centers Going High-Tech

William Law

Technology having taken giant steps in the last few years has made it nearly impossible to do business without hi-tech devices. There has been a speedy creation and evolution of incredibly smart devices and systems like cloud computing and Wi-Fi. It has fueled the strong requirement for conference centers that not just offer the latest technological support but also are ready to incorporate the upcoming technologies seamlessly. Founder of WA-based Corbin Ball Associates, Corbin Ball observes ...

Corporate Events: Trends and Technology

Anna Luebke

After a decline that can be seen as a direct effect of the recession and financial difficulty, the events industry is now expected to make a prompt comeback in 2013. Predictions from the Aberdeen Group are that spending on corporate meeting and events will rise from 9 to 20 percent of overall spending by corporates in the two years to follow. Event budgets are expected to expand, but companies will still need to keep focused on controlling their costs, meaning that when organizing events, the...

World's Tallest Hotel Ready for Meeting Planners

Andrew J. Wein

Marriott International, Inc. is a renowned name in hospitality business having an excess of 3800 properties in over seventy four nations around the globe. Now the company has added another feather to its cap. It has opened a brand new 72 floor luxury hotel - the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, in the heart of Dubai. The hotel is a sight to behold with its sky touching heights and stunning exterior. The interior is classically designed and provided with all sorts of super luxurious amenities. The h...