Vacation & Medical Recovery

A lot has been already said about medical tourism – surgeries and medical treatment might be much cheaper and more easily accessible abroad than in the developed countries. Still, check the basic differences between the Canadian and European healthcare systems, learn what travel medicine is and let us lure you to consider a medical trip to Thailand or India.


Thailand Takes Center Stage in the World of Global Healthcare

Laura Maudlin

Thailand has long been known as a premier destination for tourism. Over the years, millions from all over the world have been drawn to Thailand for its pristine sandy beaches, rich culture and history, luxury resorts, world-class spas, golf courses, shopping and signature cuisine. Best of all, the range of accommodation and leisure options available is nearly limitless, allowing for travelers of almost any budget. In recent years, Thailand has also been attracting an entirely new type of foreig...

Medical Travel, Travel Medicine: What's the Difference?

Andrew J. Wein

You can understand the confusion. Similar name, different medical specialty. Chances are you have heard these terms before, largely due to the prominence of low-cost, affordable international travel. But what exactly are medical travel and travel medicine? Medical travel, also known as medical tourism / global healthcare / and health tourism, involves patients who seek health care abroad for a variety of reasons, including the high cost of medical treatments and long waiting times back home, ...

European Health Care Bests Canada

Sara Thopson

The debate on how good Canada’s health care service is, whether it could be a market for inbound as well as outbound medical tourism, and the role of insurance, has become rather bitter internally; while much comment on it from the USA has been more concerned with ‘proving” the speaker’s argument that it shows how good/bad etc. is US healthcare reform. So it is interesting to get an unbiased viewpoint from Europe. European health-care expert Johan Hjertqvist says that lo...

Indian Medical Tourism Facilities Attract Patients with Low Prices

William Law

Medical tourism is a well known term referring to patients travelling across the globe combining holidays with their medical needs for treatment of acute illnesses, elective surgeries such as cardiology, hip replacement, knee replacement, etc. Today India as many other countries offers world class medical facilities, comparable with any of the western countries. India has state of the art hospitals and the best qualified doctors. With good infrastructure and the best possible medical facilities,...