Medical / Spa: Losing Weight? Only in SPA

Do you also have the feeling that after the holidays your clothes somehow cannot cope with your waistline any more? Or have you come to the conclusion that your chubbiness is not as cute as you thought? Then you might be interested in what the spa experts say about the best way of losing weight. Maybe you will find out that it doesn’t have to be only about starvation and drill.


Why a Spa May Be the Best Solution for Weight Loss

Michael Trout

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, two-thirds of adults in America are either obese or overweight, and that statistic doesn’t factor in the hundreds of millions of people around the world who are also increasingly overweight. In fact, the quest to lose weight has become an almost universal pursuit – as evidenced by the recent annual survey by Franklin Covey, a global organizational products company. For 2009, weight loss ranked as one of the top three New Year&rs...

Thanks to Spas the Jojo Days Are Over

Bill Alen

Do you remember the “Fat Farm”? Believe it or not, it was the forerunner of the modern health resort / spa of today! It used to be, that when you went on vacation you were encouraged to gain weight – especially when you lived in a city with lots of pollution and where healthy, fresh food was rarely available – a vacation in the country with lots of exercise, fresh air, warm cow milk and more was the ideal “cure” to get you back to “normal”. So, th...

To Lose Weight, Stop Focusing on It!

Joe McClain

While January screams ‘time to lose weight' for many people, the drive to lose weight plagues us throughout the year. Spending more than $33 billion a year on diet books, diet foods, diet programs and other schemes ‘guaranteed' to take the weight off for good, people are being misled by the millions. The truth is, when we try to lose weight, we may end up gaining it. And according to the U.S. National Weight Loss Registry, those who do maintain weight loss from a diet do so at high c...

Medical Spas: Weigh Less, Feel Better

Anna Luebke

It is the beginning of another year and time to fulfill resolutions to look and feel your best. As we age and enter our 30’s our hormones are in a downward decline making it more difficult to stay fit and look young.  It is believed that our hormone levels decrease by approximately 5% every year after the age of 30. Considering that testosterone is responsible for building lean body mass and muscle, it is no surprise as we grow older it is harder and harder to stay in shape even with ...