Management: Event Management

For the first issue of Management section we have decided to focus on event management and reflect upon the multiplicity of approaches in the field. Professional, business, family celebrations and gatherings are all essential part of human activities and at the same time they are incorporated in the travel/tourism industries, encouraging the emergence of specific products and services. Some professionals call for a new discipline of eventology to highlight general, anthropological issues in event management. Others concentrate on practical issues of event management: what has to be done to organise an event smoothly and successfully. Conferences and fairs are discussed as an important and profitable sector of tourism, but some experts believe the importance of meetings face-to-face and business trips will be significantly reduced in the near future due to technological advances in communications.


Fairs & Eventology: The Pathway to Greater Profits

Kevin Eagan

In the summer of 2004 I began an extended journey to re-discover the roots and wings of human celebration. My travels took me to central Australia and Uhluru (Ayre’s Rock) as well as western Uganda and the Mountains of the Moon. Ayre’s Rock is the sacred icon of the aboriginal people and to this day is one of the greatest treasures. This sacred site is owned by the aboriginals and leased to the government of Australia for tourism purposes. Upon this site the aboriginal people have performed ...

Planning an Event – Step by Step Guide

Kevin Eagan

These simple steps will help event planners to decide if their events are valid, achievable and will meet the desired objectives and investment (both of time and money). This is the stage where you have to ask a lot of questions. What can events be for? There are many reasons for holding an event. Events are the best way to communicate – events are live – events are face to face – events are interactive. Businesses use events to communicate with their staff, their current (and potential) cust...

Fairs and Exhibitions: Working for Participants

Daniel A. Tanner

Ben Hessler, Marketing Director of G.S.A.R. MARKETING answers the questions of the Travel-Review editor Oksana Petrunko Q -In this interview we would like to focus on corporate events your company organise and discuss from a professional perspective the skills and facilities that make such events successful. Would you please describe your activities for our readers? A - For thirty years, CONVENCO –parent company- GSAR Marketing has organized over one thousand corporate events all over the...

Highlighting the Benefits of Conferences

Anna Luebke

New research from the UK’s national tourist boards highlights the exceptional value of conferences, meetings and incentive programmes and the contribution they make to the health of the L74 billon visitor economy, the director of the British international Torvald de Coverley Veale told in the magazine Destinations...

Conference calls – meetings of tomorrow

Dan Rang

Konftel, a leading company within loudspeaker communication and audio technology, made a survey that shows big sales opportunities for its products - conference calls. British companies spend huge amounts of money on business travels. Only some 30% of companies nowadays use the conference calls. The conference calls offer easier, faster and cheaper way how to hold meetings...