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Books are an important part of people’s lives. Literary travelers follow in the footsteps of their favorite authors and characters. Explore the best literary destinations as well as book festivals around the world. 



Remarkable Literary Festivals for Enthusiastic Readers

Larry Brain

It isn’t just music festivals that attract huge gatherings to the biggest as well as most remote cities in the world. Much like band groupies, bibliophiles can nowadays get to know new places and cultures while chasing their favorite authors and new literary trends. Let’s take a look at the major literary festivals taking place all over the world in 2016. Port Eliot Festival (UK) The festival may aim to go way beyond words, with a programming that includes art and food, among other things, but...

Celebrate Shakespeare’s Legacy 400 Years after His Death

Tomas Haupt

Even after four hundred years after his death, when he was just 52 years, William Shakespeare’s legacy is being celebrated this year all over the world. He is by far the finest poet and playwright who wrote in the English language. In the UK, events and activities to commemorate his life and works have been held in Stratford-upon-Avon, a town in Warwickshire. This is the best place to celebrate the author’s legacy because he was born, attended school, married, raised a family and got inspired...

Literary Tourism: Why Is Amsterdam a Must-Visit Destination?

Tourism Review News Desk

Amsterdam is without doubt a city with a unique personality and it continually draws in thousands of visitors each year thanks to its scenic canals, architecture, cafe culture and history. A large part of this cultural identity is the connection between Amsterdam and the literary world. In fact, literary tourism is sure to thrive in the Dutch capital thanks to the diversity of authors and titles, a range of events and facilities and a seemingly unquenchable thirst for books. Here are the reason...

Top Literary Destinations in the U.S.

Sara Thopson

If you love literature, paying homage to the home of your favorite writer or visiting a location where your favorite book was inspired is a great traveling idea. On top of numerous sightseeing and exciting activities that you can enjoy, such destinations have a way of making you feel more connected to your favorite authors and their work, and sometimes, it almost feels like you are in the same world as your beloved characters. If you are interested in visiting destinations that gave birth to fa...