Women Only Tours and Femin-Spirit Holidays

Bill Alen - Jan 30, 2012
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Visiting India for the first time, I had no idea how my life would change. It was never the ashrams or gurus that attracted me – India was simply a fabulously exciting, fun, crazy, amazing place to travel. India was cheap and a great place to meet like minded travelers, make friends with the wonderful locals, eat copious amounts of sensational food and take advantage of awesome photography opportunities. In no time I had fallen deeply in love with India and all things Indian. A decade or so later and many moons of living and travelling India, I woke up one day to find I was a Reiki Master, practicing Yogi and had become very spiritual. It almost seemed to happen by osmosis. India does that.

These days, every time I step off the plane in India, I feel like I’ve come home. From a woman’s point of view, India can be a fascinating destination. The most important God of the Hindu Pantheon is Devi, the Mother Goddess, and women in Indian culture are highly revered. I’ve come to love the experiences to be had as a woman traversing the length and breadth of this amazing part of the world. Women travelling without the ‘protection’ of a man are considered an oddity but are certainly looked up to and respected. After all, India has a history of acknowledging remarkable women, such as Indira Gandhi and Mother Theresa.

I realized one day that there was so much to be experienced as a Woman in India – so many things that would appeal to a woman. That’s when I thought that tours designed for Women Only would be a perfect option for a country like India.

In my years travelling India, I’ve discovered where to hang out with movie stars in Mumbai, and where to learn to dance Bollywood style. I’ve discovered the best Ayurvedic massages and where to experience a sunrise yoga class on the rooftop of a Heritage Rajasthani Castle. I’ve discovered the soul journey that can be experienced riding into the desert on a camel and sleeping under the stars, and the mystical beauty of walking along the holy Ganges at dawn. I’ve shared meals with women in remote villages of Rajasthan and shopped for amazing tribal jewellery and fabrics in the bazaars. I’ve dressed like a Maharani for dinner in a Palace and learnt the secrets of cooking an authentic Indian curry. I’ve meditated and watched the sun rise over desert dunes, and climbed a hilltop to commune with nature as the first rays of a new day kissed a nearby holy lake.

India can be a challenging country for the uninitiated. However, travelling with a small group of gals escorted by a fellow western woman who knows the ropes and will smooth your ride, you will have the opportunity to create your ultimate Indian experience. Hence why I have put together a sensational ‘Women Only’ Essence of India Tour encompassing the very best to be experienced of North India. Whether you’re into the glitz and glam of Mumbai and Bollywood, the traditional textiles and jewellery of Rajasthan, the food and tastes of India, a spiritual soul-enhancing holiday or a cultural and experiential tour, Incredible Indian Tours will offer you a journey of a lifetime. One that you’ll never forget and that might just change your life.

By Debbie Kindness (Director and Tour Leader, Incredible Indian Tours)

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