Liechtenstein: Holidays Full of Fun

Richard Moor - Nov 28, 2011
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It is one of the smallest countries in Europe. The peaceful Principality of Liechtenstein which nestles in the mountains between Switzerland and Austria extends from the Rhine Valley up to the height of over 2.500 meters. The small State has only eleven villages and 36.000 inhabitants and yet it has a wide variety to offer its guests and leaves no wish unfulfilled.

Travelers interested in culture find an abundance of offers from the renowned Art Museum to the popular summer festival. Active holiday makers enjoy the princely infrastructure for hiking or skiing, biking and inline skating. In particular families discover an ideal oasis in the mountain village Malbun which guaranties relaxation and fun for adults and children likewise.

The main village of the small country is Vaduz. It is the seat of the Government of Prince Hans Adam II, who together with Princess Marie resides in the medieval castle of his forefathers. Seen from afar the majestic and unapproachable castle is a magic eye catcher. The home of the princely family is at the same time a famous landmark of the country since there are certainly very few castles where a real prince actually lives.

Shining Basalt Cube in the Center of Vaduz

The princely radiance can be felt above all in places where art and culture have space. A particularly impressive example is the Liechtenstein Art Museum in Vaduz. The exciting arch of artistic creativity reaches from the old masters of the 19th century to the modern and combined works of great artistic value. Only a few steps away the National Museum can be found. An exhibition in three very unusual houses leads to unexpected moments of mutual memories and makes cultural history, geography and natural history an experience.

Just next door one can explore the small state in a single glance at the Liechtenstein Center which was newly opened in 2008. A giant multi-media show made up of 48 screens offers the inhabitants and visitors from all over the world insight into the variety and beauty of the Principality. A completely different museum is the Vaduzer Ski Museum owned by Noldi Beck. In December 2005 it was awarded by the International Skiing Association (FIS) as being one of the largest and most beautiful museums in the world.

The Postage Stamp museum in the „Engländerbau“ is amazing even to those who do not belong to philatelic circles. In the local heritage museum in the middle of the Walser village in Triesenberg, the sunny plateau high above the Rhine valley, you can see the customs and culture of the Walser people who still have their own language here and speak „Walserdeutsch“.

Music and Theater with Charm

In Schaan, not far away from Vaduz, TaK, the theater in Kirchplatz, is a topic of conversation, especially between September to June. On the small stage, time and again great theater with spectacular scenery entertain the audience. Liechtenstein has further cultural highlights in store from June to August because summer is the festival season in the Principality. An insiders' tip is the Liechtenstein guitar and jazz festival which takes place in July.

Further above the Mountains

Starting from Triesenberg the road goes through a tunnel to the middle of sunny Saminatal where the hamlets Malbun and Steg invite you to relaxing hikes. In all there is a total of four hundred kilometers of marked hiking paths upon which one can explore the country of Liechtenstein. Families feel particularly at ease in Malbun and Steg. This is because children and parents here are well taken care of. The hotels are well equipped for families and offer reasonable packages for happy holiday moments.

In Winter: Skiing and Cross-Country Skiing

The protected position and an artificial snow system make the tiny mountain resort one of the places in the northern Alps where snow is guaranteed. The overall view of the skiing area with over 23 kilometers of piste and four lifts give parents and children a feeling of safety even if the kids disappear out of sight. Being kept warm and dry the winter sportsmen and women are transported up the mountains by two top modern lifts. All the lifts can be easily reached by walking a few steps or going directly on skis. A small cross-country paradise is in the vicinity of Steg, the „Walser-Maiensäss“ at the outset of the Valley of Samina. Tracks are made for four different types of routes for beginners and advanced.

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