Get in Shape through Hiking Tours

Andrea Hausold - Sep 24, 2012
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The amount of obese and overweight people has significantly increased throughout the years. Getting in shape is probably one of the most challenging things to achieve, as you will need perseverance, dedication, and motivation. Most people consider losing weight as boring and not exciting whatsoever. Fortunately, there are many ways to lose weight that are quite enjoyable and not so exhausting.

One of the well-known fun ways to lose weight is hiking. Anyone in any physical level can receive the benefits of hiking. It is an enjoyable activity that just happens to allow people to shed off a couple of pounds. Unlike actually exercising at the gym, hiking is much more fun, as you aren't stuck at just one boring room.

The main reason why you will lose weight through hiking is the fact that you are constantly walking in different positions. Hiking is not an easy task whatsoever, but considering you are in the hands of nature, you will not get bored. Walking up and downhill constantly is a very vigorous exercise that will burn lots of calories and fat.

Whenever someone is walking on a treadmill for about 15 minutes, they instantly feel exhausted, as their minds focus on the fact that they are supposed to get tired. With hiking, walking for 15 minutes will feel like a breeze, as you won't really think that you're exercising. Plus, hiking involves carrying a backpack filled with water, energy bars, and extra clothes which happens to make it the ultimate workout.

Top Hiking Tours with the Focus on Weight Loss

- Fatpacking Tours

Fatpacking tours involve losing weight through hiking. They don’t have any difficult eating programs, as since the hiking is already highly vigorous, you can eat whatever you desire. The Fatpacking tours will take you to many locations in North and South America. With hiking at this tour, you will get to lose weight, enjoy cardio, make friends, get nearer to nature, strengthen your core, experience spectacular locations, eat what you want, and reduce your stress. Despite the many benefits of this tour, it still manages to be highly cost effective.

"I found myself and became a new person from Fatpacking, I definitely advise everyone that wants to become healthy to join this tour," said Susan Penna, 47 years old. Came from 240lbs to 167lbs. To contact the Fatpacking Tours go to

- Mountain Trek

Mountain Trek is a retreat focused on hiking weight loss. It is also a boot camp styled program which involves the teaching of proper nutrition, detoxification, as well as a different fitness classes. After your vigorous hike, you can enjoy Yoga to bring you to true vitality.

This entire hiking program is definitely worth joining, as you will get to meet a variety of people that have gone through the same experiences as you. Every day you will get to hike, and every morning, you will wake up to a nice yoga class, and even enjoy the spa and massage facilities whenever you desire.

"All my life I was overweight, and I never knew how I could ever get in shape, but once I found this program, I finally achieved my goal to be healthy," said Richard Warn, 63 years old. Came from 299lbs to 210lbs. This tour is located in Baja California, British Columbia, and Mexico. Find more at

- SpaFari

This tour is a great hiking tour that focuses on the benefits of weight loss through hiking. With SpaFari you can lose weight anywhere from Peru to Aspen Colorado, and from Kenya to California. Joining this program will definitely allow you to lose a lot of weight plus you will be able to experience beautiful surroundings from all over the world. Aside from hiking, you will also be able to meditate, do Yoga, and even learn about healthy eating choices. You will most definitely reach your weight loss goals through this tour.

"Weight loss for me has always been such an impossible task, because I knew nothing about getting in shape. But with this program, I realized that it wasn't that tough," said Jane Keller, 24 years old. Came from 210lbs to 140lbs. To contact the SpaFari tour go to

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