HERITAGE: Reincarnting the past

A powerful call to “contextualise” our time on the planet - to understand how “it was”, to feel what our ancestors had touched – encourage amateurs and professionals to stage and visit various re-enactments and festivals with a historic twist. Reliving the past is a bit of deja-vu for participants and quests and at the same time a lot of work for our colleagues. This issue of the Travel-Review present a variety of such events and attempts reflecting on them from various perspectives. A private account of the re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings is published along with observations how this event has been managed. A company recreating Roman atmosphere in an ancient city of Jerash tells about the project. Local tourist board describes a variety of historic festivals an Italian city of Tretino hosts. Metaphorical recreation of the past – trips in search for ancestors - represents another aspect of the same thirst for reliving the past, and we reproduce an analysis of ancestral visits to Scotland conducted by the national tourist board.