Heritage: Next Stop? A Burial Site.

Believe it or not but even burial sites and cemeteries represent a luring destination for curious travelers. This branch of dark tourism has even its own term – cemetery tourism. Come and read about a unique Chilean burial site for dissidents, Pere-LaChaise in Paris, grief tourism landmarks in Berlin and of course the Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow.


Cemetery Tourism: Touring the Dead

Richard Moor

Cemetery tourism can be seen as part of the current overall interest in dark tourism, driven at least in part by the move of the Gothic from the periphery to the mainstream of popular culture. In its modern form, it began in early 19th century Paris, as Pere-LaChaise became a fashionable destination for the living as well as the dead. As more and more tourist guidebooks, perhaps catering to the interests of younger travellers, feature cemeteries as interesting urban locations, cities seem keener...

Chile: The Dissident Burial Site in Valparaiso

Andrew J. Wein

When one hears the name of Valparaiso it is mostly to think of the place where people embark to go on a cruise. Valparaiso is located at the Pacific Ocean just 1.5 hours west from Santiago International Airport. Its picturesque layout enhanced by the surrounding hills that seem to dive into the Ocean, remind us that this was once the most important harbour in South America before the Panama Canal was opened for navigation in 1914. The city itself shows interesting architecture with the influe...

The Lenin Mausoleum

Sara Thopson

By the Kremlin wall on the southwest side of Red Square stands the Lenin Mausoleum. Inside, in a glass sarcophagus, lies Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who died on January 21, 1924. Three days after his death, a wooden structure was erected on this spot. Four months later, it was rebuilt and then replaced in 1930 by the granite, marble and black labradorite mausoleum, designed by Alexei Shchusev. "Lenin" is inscribed in red porphyry. For more than 75 years Russians and foreigners have stood in the li...

Berlin: Where the Stars Say Good-Bye

Kevin Eagan

There are many places of interest in the German capital of Berlin. A number of architectural treasures lure tourists fond of the historical atmosphere of this famous city. Especially its very moving history after World War II is what attracts a large number of travelers who come to learn about the unfortunate communist era and the differences between what once used to be East and West Berlin. However, there is yet another aspect of Berlin many respect and come to admire. The long gone past is...

Cemetery Heritage Trail in English Salford

Wayne M. Gore

Where can you find an African prince, a veteran of the Charge of the Light Brigade, Salford's first MP, the founder of the Hallé orchestra or a victim of the Munich air disaster? Answer: in Salford's cemeteries of course! Just one-and-a-half miles from Salford Quays, Weaste Cemetery is a peaceful place for visitors, schoolchildren and their teachers to learn about Salford's history and some of the fascinating individuals who lived in Salford in the past. It is primarily a place to res...