Heritage: How to make money on History

Heritage buildings – those time-honored houses that have witnessed considerable part of the history – are they of any use today? And what about the profits? To the surprise of many, renovations of historic assets present a lucrative opportunity for investment. Let us go through the figures suggesting the range of possible profits of heritage properties. Let us learn about the peculiarities and musts in redevelopment and promotion of these properties. Let us breathe the smell of the past.


Value Added: Profiting from Heritage Listing

Richard Moor

Red Tape and restrictions are many people's image of the downside of heritage-listed properties. They couldn't be more wrong. Many people think a heritage listing dooms a property to low economic returns. It may be pretty, but, for a good investment, look elsewhere. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. Overseas studies have shown that property prices can actually improve with heritage listing. And examples in New Zealand show that heritage-listed properties can be natural money-spin...

Transport Heritage?

Wayne M. Gore

Many different values are attached to our historic assets: they are beautiful and interesting, they add richness and variety to our townscapes and landscapes, they are the visible reminder of a community's history, they have commemorative, religious, cultural or architectural value, and they embody historical and archaeological information about past people, societies, economies and industries - but above all they are useful and enjoyable, especially when they become the focus for leisure activi...

Stewardship of Private Heritage Property

Theodore Slate

Michael Tippin, President & CEO of Tippin Corporation, shares some of his experiences of how and why he rehabilitates private heritage properties – and how he makes money doing so. His real estate business is about collecting architectural landmarks...

Historic Buildings – Return on Investment

Alec Hills

Economic sectors are classified through their ability to generate return on investments. Let’s analyze a couple of cases and go through some data on income and job creation to look at this capacity of the cultural heritage sector.

The Case of Belchertown State School: Becoming Hotel & Spa

Gregory Dolgos

From 1922 to 1992, Belchertown State School served developmentally disabled children in Western Massachusetts for 70 years. Consisting of about 50 buildings on a 845 acre campus, the facility was once rated to support over 700 residents, to which was exceeded in the 1920's. The fate of the hospital followed suit with many of the others in the United States... the overcrowding and poor living conditions were publicized and the institution was finally shut down after investigations. In 1971, an a...