Tourism Review Online Magazine 10 / 2007

Nov 26, 2007

Dear readers,

many of us are already planning our winter vacation, weekends on the slopes, or yet another fabulous New Years Eve. For those deciding between ski and spa holiday we suggest solution in the Adventure section – just go for both. Learn about the numerous ski centers and mountain hotels offering a perfect apres-ski experience in their top spa facilities. Travelers desiring some spiritual boost can go for the famous pilgrimage places listed by UNESCO in our Religious supplement. Did you know that the only Jewish UNESCO site outside Israel is in the Czech Republic? Or that the most complete Buddhist monastery can be found in Islamic Pakistan? Heritage listing is also the topic of the Heritage section of this issue. Is it worth the effort to renovate an old historic building? Does it lead to at least some profits? Let us get familiar with the numerous advantages of redevelopments and the success stories of several properties. Niche tourism and new markets are the focus of the Professional supplement choosing only few of these subbranches of the tourism industry. Ever thought about the peculiarities of family travel, disabled tourists or even tribal tourism? Let us have a look at this colorful tit bits from the always intriguing world of travel trade.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: How to make money on History

Nils Kraus

- Nov 26, 2007
Heritage buildings – those time-honored houses that have witnessed considerable part of the history – are they of any use today? And what about the profits? To the surprise of many, renovations of historic assets present a lucrative opportunity for investment. Let us go through the figures suggesting the range of possible profits of heritage properties. Let us learn about the peculiarities and musts in redevelopment and promotion of these properties. Let us breathe the smell of the past.

Professional: new markets – different needs…

Andrew J. Wein

- Nov 26, 2007
The tourism industry with its wide range of branches includes a number of niches and special markets. Let us get familiar with only few of them and learn about the tribal tourism in Arizona or the possibilities of wheelchair travel to African safari. The individual needs of families on holiday or of the farmers developing agritourism market in the US – these are the other topics discussed by the travel trade experts.

Active/Adventure: Ski and Relax

Chris Grad

- Nov 26, 2007
Ready for yet another ski vacation? Ever thought of combining it with spa experience as well? More and more ski resorts are nowadays offering the weary skiers to relax in their modern spa after the long hard day on the slopes. Massages, Jacuzzis, sauna – all the spa treatments you know about are available in the Alps, Pyrenees, Colorado, South America – simply all over the world.

Religious Tourism: Places of Pilgrimages listed by UNESCO

Wayne M. Gore

- Nov 26, 2007
It is well known that religious tourism and pilgrim tours are becoming more and more popular today. A number of spiritual sites are listed by UNESCO as well. However, what is the situation of the pilgrim places belonging to minority religion in the given country? Let us look at Protestant UNESCO site in Catholic Poland, at Buddhist treasure in Muslim Pakistan, at Hindu sanctuary in Buddhist Vietnam or even Jewish quarter in the atheistic Czech Republic.