Fine Art Asia: Art Fair No. 1 in Hong Kong

Sara Thopson - Jan 05, 2012
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Every October, dealers and collectors from around the world gather in Hong Kong for Fine Art Asia. This Asia’s leading international fine art and antiques fair successfully showcases traditional heritage with contemporary arts. Since 2006, the fair provides a quality event for the international art world. The increasing amounts of guests and sales value prove the progressive growth of the quality of dealers and consuming power of visitors.

The 8th edition of Fine Art Asia 2012 is ready to go, coinciding with Sotheby’s Autumn Auction and coming up as a brilliant Octoberfest of fine art and antiques in Hong Kong.

One of the defining aspects of Fine Art Asia is its distinct ability to unite antiques with contemporary art. Recognizing Hong Kong as the centre of the art and antiques market in Asia, Art & Antique International Fair Ltd was established by Hong Kong art experts to stage the first international art fair in Hong Kong in more than a decade and has now organized seven successful exhibitions. Fine Art Asia is now acknowledged as the most important and influential art and antiques fair in Asia, drawing international support from the world’s leading fine art and antiques galleries and experts.

The goal of the event remains to cultivate its role within the global art and antiques market by ensuring the fair maintains only the highest quality selection of antique, modern and contemporary art from around the world. As the fair evolves, it continuously attracts major international dealers, presenting a more diverse variety of jewelries, antique silver and old masters paintings.

Antiques: Fine Art Asia has won acclaim for its wide array of museum-quality antiques, presented by renowned international galleries that are specialists in their field. The scope of collecting categories and dates is amazing. The fair features artworks ranging from rare Chinese bronzes from the Anyang period of the Shang dynasty (13th to 12th century B.C), ancient Chinese stone wares, Himalayan Buddhist bronzes, Imperial Chinese porcelain and works of art, exquisite textiles, lacquer wares, jades, snuff bottles and scholar’s objects, to fine Chinese and Western classical furniture and objets d’art.

Fine Art Jewelry and Antique Silver: Jewelry has always been an important category at the fair, with exhibits ranging from rare antique Western timepieces, to the latest creations by art jewelry designers in Hong Kong. And World’s leading Western silver dealers unveiled the huge interest to museums level silver collections from the visitors and buyers. These shiny containers and utensils from circa 1600 to the present day have been successfully introduced at the Asia market for the first time at the platform of Fine Art Asia.

Old Masters, Impressionism and Modern Art: Collectors and art lovers will appreciate works of art by famous Impressionists and Modern artists including Pissarro, Sisley, Monet, Renoir, Guillaumin, Picasso, Dali, Miró, Leger and Calder. Highlights among the sculpture exhibits include important works by Rodin, Bugatti and Guyot. The growing interest among Asian collectors in Western as well as Chinese art is reflected in these outstanding works of art presented at Fine Art Asia.

Contemporary Art: Contemporary art is one of the growing components of the fair, showcasing outstanding works by renowned contemporary Asian, Chinese and Hong Kong artists, as well as contemporary Western art by celebrated artists. The fair showcases a rich diversity of artistic styles and media including paintings, sculpture, installations and photography.

An Academic programme of lectures and seminars were held in the fair, conducted by leading art experts from Hong Kong and overseas such as director of Art Museum over world, president of global auction house and even the galleries owner. The programme helps to promote art knowledge and appreciation, as well as providing an opportunity for dialogue on the latest developments in the global art scene. Foremost, all lectures and seminars are free of charge to the visitors of Fine Art Asia.

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