Ethical / Religious: Ecotourist? Welcome to the Club

Being eco and green might already seem a complete cliché for some as this color appears to flood all news about tourism. Yet, there is a point in it so get familiar with some intriguing ecotourism projects like ecoDestinations, read about Ecuadorian agrotourism or Belize that is soon to be hosting a Responsible Tourism Conference. What more, did you know that green tourism actually helps to fight the recession?


Belize: Pushing Responsible Tourism Forward

Daniel A. Tanner

As Belize passes me by through the window of an old yellow school bus, it is apparent that this is the tropical paradise I have been searching for; palm trees line the side of the dusty road and the heat of the sun sends me into a peaceful sleep as we head to the clear waters of the Caribbean. Belize borders Guatemala to the West and Mexico to the North. It also lies on the Caribbean Sea with the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef stretching into its territory. Its population is around 320,000 and is a ...

ecoDestinations: Travel the World and Help Protect Amazing Destinations

Sara Thopson

Launched in February 2009, ecoDestinations is The International Ecotourism Society’s (TIES) new approach to promoting ecotourism as an effective tool for bio-cultural conservation and sustainable community development. With the vision of creating “a world in which all tourism is ecotourism,” ecoDestinations is a travel auction with a vision, connecting travelers with inspiring ecotourism initiatives from around the world. At the core of this new project is TIES’ belie...

Greenbox: How Green Can Ireland Get?

Sara Thopson

A country already famous around the world for being green has taken another step forward towards becoming even greener. What is the Greenbox? The Greenbox (An tEispéiras Glas ) is Ireland’s first ecotourism destination. A cross-border initiative located in the North-Western part of the Island. It comprises Counties Fermanagh, Leitrim, West Cavan, North Sligo, South Donegal and North West Monaghan. The membership based organisation is at the forefront of developing the Eco tourism ...

Agrotourism – An Alternative for Development

James Morris

This tourism branch provides knowledge about the rural culture and offers at the same time entertainment for a society that is evermore disconnected from tradition. Agrotourism was born as a means to provide an alternative income basis for farmers. What makes agrotourism so special is the possibility to spend time in the house of farmers, who may focus on stock breeding, agriculture or forestry. Additionally, it serves as a tool to boost the economy in areas, which are run-down because of recep...

Credit Crunch and Green Tourism

Daniel A. Tanner

The deepening recession looks set to make Britain more environmentally friendly, maintain experts. Academics studying the impact of the global financial crisis on company practices claim that far from ending the green dream it will inject a new wave of enthusiasm for saving money which could actually help save the planet. ”Skeptics who suggest that the recession will put an end to enthusiasm among consumers and companies for the environment are guilty of muddled thinking,” said Pr...