Drink Tours - Following Your Taste Buds

Italian wine, Jamaican rum or Canadian cider – besides fabulous moments that you might expect tasting one of the many flavors of these drinks there is one more thing you can do to call yourself a true fan of any of these beverages. Travel the world and go for a wine tour, follow a beer trail, or visit local distilleries.


Wine Tourism in India – A Potential to Be Uncorked

William Law

Wine tourism involves tasting, consumption or purchase of wine, visits to wineries and vineyards, organized wine tours, wine festivals and other special wine-related events. Although relatively new, it is gaining popularity by competing with other beverages and tourism themes. Apart from the mystical element attached to wines, its salubrious effect (with low alcohol content) on youthful looks and a sound heart cannot be ruled out. The sheer variety of grapes, their location, farming methods, ag...

Cider Makes a Comeback on Vancouver Island

Andrea Hausold

Kings & Spies, Rumrunner, Scrumpy, Somerset and Cidre Normandie are surely colourful but unfamiliar names on the winery exploration circuit that is now a popular tourism option on Vancouver Island. That's because they can only be found among the varieties of alcoholic cider currently being made and marketed at two traditional cideries within easy driving distance of British Columbia's capital city, Victoria (Tourismvictoria.com). "Cider culture comes largely from Britain and France," expl...

Toronto – The New Beer Capitol of Canada!

Tomas Haupt

Any visitor to Toronto will easily stumble upon the world-class tourist attractions – the CN Tower, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Art Gallery of Ontario. But few travelers realize that Toronto is fast emerging as the beer capitol of Canada. Home to over 7 breweries, Toronto offers the beer voyageur a wide selection of independent 'craft-breweries' to explore. Producing an impressive range of beer styles, these breweries all promote a tourist-friendly 'open-door' policy which affords a wond...

The Appleton Estate: Home of the Finest Rum in the World Since 1749

Daniel A. Tanner

Located in the picturesque Nassau Valley in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, the Appleton Estate is the oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica in continuous operation. All Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums are produced exclusively on this estate following time-honoured traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation since 1749. The Appleton Estate Rum Tour takes you on a journey through the history of rum-making in Jamaica and gives you an inside look at how the folks at Appleton...

Authentic Italian Wine Experiences

Sara Thopson

If you have ever stood in a supermarket aisle trying to decide which Italian wine to buy, you probably slowly scanned the aisle looking for something, ANYTHING to catch your eye. In the end, you might have chosen a bottle because it was the same one you bought the week before, or you liked the bird on the label, or you think you remember seeing Chianti on the wine list at your favorite restaurant. If you have ever asked yourself if there is a better way to build your Italian wine knowledge, ther...