Destination: Wild Kenya

Vast lands, fascinating wildlife, remarkable culture – all of it is Kenya. But not only. Read about the latest developments in tourism facing not only the economic downturn but also the effects of the last year’s political turmoil. Get to know the safari capital of Africa or a slice of the Kenyan wild and wonderful national parks. By the way have you ever thought about this East African country as a medical tourism destination?


Kenya: Tourism Proves Resilient in Times of Trouble

Cecilia Garland

Marketers of Kenya's tourism have their work cut out for them in 2009; last year the sector witnessed its worst performance in four years following the post-election violence that scared off visitors, causing the once-thriving industry to fall on hard times. The industry is bouncing back, with the country slowly managing to rehabilitate its image as a travel destination. But now it's a double whammy with the bearish run expected to continue on the effects of the global financial crisis. The Ken...

Nairobi: The Safari Capital of Africa

Tourism Review News Desk

Kenya’s capital city has risen in a single century from a brackish uninhabited swampland to a thriving modern capital. When railway construction workers reached this area in 1899, they set up a basic camp and supply depot, simply called ‘Mile 327’. The local Maasai called this highland swamp Ewaso Nai’beri – the place of cold water. The camp became a rustic village, and then a shanty town, which by 1907 was the capital of all of British East Africa. It was soon an ...

Kenya Unveils Massive Tourism Plan

Pat Hyland

If it were a race Kenya could probably be miles ahead of Zimbabwe though with no clear indication where the race was heading. Political Turmoil Kenya’s grand coalition is a year old and Zimbabwe’s inclusive government is just about two months old, with both nations having survived bitter political turmoil. Kenya and Zimbabwe have many things in common though. More importantly, both need to push for tangible reforms to placate their restive populace. They also need to quickly craft...

National Parks: Get Adventurous in East Africa

Gregory Dolgos

More than two dozen national parks fall within Kenya's borders, making it the most popular safari destination in all of Africa. The Director of National Parks and Wildlife, the famed paleontologist Dr. Richard Leaky, has done much to ensure that the parks are kept pristine and the poachers are kept out. Consequently, though Kenya's parks are the continent's most visited, they are also among the richest in natural beauty and wildlife. Maasai Mara Game Reserve Maasai Mara is the Kenyan portion...

Medical Safari: The New frontier in Kenya’s Hospitality Industry

Kevin Eagan

As early as ten years ago, it was unthinkable for tourists from developed countries to retreat to Africa to seek medical care. Today, however, the story is different. "Besides our natural beauty, our continent is also drawing tourists for its advanced medical care!" says Catherine Kariuki, product director of Africa Eco-Safaris and Car Hire (K) limited. Medical tourism, or MT as it is commonly referred to, is a rapidly growing phenomenon where tourists combine adventure with travelling for med...