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The cruise industry is growing fast all around the world – not only in Europe and North America but in Australia as well. Ebola is however posing great threat to the sector.


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The Ever Expanding Wings of Cruise Ships in the Global Tourism Industry

James Morris

The urge to see the world from the decks of luxurious cruise ships continues to burn bright in the hearts of many global travelers. Cruise Lines International Association or CLIA, for short, notes that the number of cruise passengers has jumped over the last decade from 12 to 21.3 million in 2013, putting the industry’s growth at 77 percent over the same stretch of time. As a result, the industry today contributes USD 117 billion to the global economy besides employing close to 900,000 people wi...
Cruises Sea/River

Investment in Cruise Lines – A Sure Venture

Denise Chen

Even though the cruise industry was considered to be only appealing to elderly Americans, it is now going through a rebirth. The number of passengers is increasing as younger Europeans go on cruise holidays. Affluent Chinese tourists are also contributing to the increased number of passengers on cruise ships as the Chinese economy grows. Cruise holidays are also popular among families who have young children. They consider it to be a great way to visit a number of countries in a single holiday p...
Cruises Sea/River

Cruising: Australia Reports the Biggest Market Growth

Denise Chen

With 833,348 Australians (3.6% of the total population) having gone on a cruise last year, this is a record number than now puts Australian cruise industry top of the list in the world for market growth and penetration. This is according to the latest 2013 Cruise Industry Source Market Report showing how Australian cruise passengers have increased in 2013 up to 20% which is a double growth figures compared to other leading cruise markets. Compared even with North America, usually the largest sou...

Ebola Epidemic – Serious Threat to the Cruise Industry

Gregory Dolgos

The cruise industry was hoping for a strong booking winter season after the series of accidents that embarrassed the $37.1-billion-strong market were now a forgone misfortune. Rather than that expected boom, its operators are currently facing the exact crisis that has of late nearly brought the airline industry to its knees: Ebola. The escalating Ebola menace scare has sent players in the travel industry to the drawing board. Every one of them is scratching their heads: how can they still ass...