Breath Taking Winter Activities for Adventurers

Sara Thopson - Jan 04, 2016
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If you are a keen traveler and are looking to knock off a few adventurous winter activities off your bucket list, discover several unique winter activities that you should definitely consider trying!

Camp in an igloo in the French Alps, Southern French Alps

Undiscovered Alps, operates out of Écrins national park, in the south of the French Alps and gives travelers the unique opportunity to build their very own igloo. Better yet, guests can then camp overnight in their igloo before trying their hand at winter activities such as snowshoeing, ice-climbing and snow-scooting. 

Spend a night inside a giant snowball, Jokkmokk, Sweden

If you visit Jokkmokk in Febrarurary as a part of an Artisan Travel trip to the annual Jokkmokk Winter Market, which celebrates the local Sámi culture, you'll be able to tell all your friends back home that you got to spend the night inside an intricately hollowed out, snowball bedroom. Each of which boasts a warm reindeer skin.

Enjoy a night in an ice hotel, Transylvania, Romania

The Ice Hotel which backs on to Lake Balea is rebuilt on an annual basis and boasts comfortable mattresses as well as fur blankets and top of the line sleeping bags. Better yet the Ice Hotel makes the perfect base to explore Vlad the Impaler's gothic castle in Bran. 

Book a snowshoe trek with friendly St Bernards, Switzerland

Icicle Mountaineering offers a two-day snowshoe trek which includes an overnight stay at the first monastery to breed St Bernards – a breed of dog which is known worldwide as being excellent search and rescue dogs. As a bonus, part of the pass that you'll travel through was used by Napoleon to conquer Italy.

Relax in a thermal pool in Tatra Mountains, Slovakia 

Even in the middle of winter you'll be able to relax in one of the geothermal pools located in Oravice. The Family Slovakian Snow Adventures company which is located in the Tatra Mountains also offers a thermal spa, a wave pool, a waterslide and the opportunities to go sledding and to enjoy a traditional Slovakian style lunch.

Hike through the Scottish Highlands, Scotland 

If you're interested in exploring the Scottish Highlands head to the Cairngorms National Park, where you explore the park's Caledonian pine forests as part of a five-day tour offered by Wilderness Scotland. Each night you'll get to relax by a cozy fireplace and will get to sample hearty dinners comprised of local produce.

Book a husky safari, Kuusamo, Finland 

The Border Inn, which is located in the picturesque Kuusamo region, near Finland's border with Russia, offers dog sled safaris which will give you the opportunity to spot a variety of wildlife including elk, reindeer and snow grouse. Better yet, you'll also have the opportunity to guide your own team of dogs. 

Spend a few days on a reindeer farm, Finnish Lapland

Be sure to visit the Torassieppi Reindeer Farm in Finland, where you'll get to learn about the importance of reindeer in the Lapp culture. You'll also get to take a reindeer safari to the northern lights, during which time you'll travel in a cozy reindeer drawn sleigh.

Sign up for a mountaineering course, Wales 

Should you visit the region of Snowdonia in Plas y Brenin, you can sign up for a Welsh Winter Mountaineering Course at the National Mountain Sports Center. During your course you'll learn how to competently use ice axes and crampons and will learn essential tips about navigating, predicting avalanches and how to use ropes to travel over adverse terrain such as rocks and ice.

Skid across an ice lake on a blokart, Nida, Lithuania

If you're a bit of an adrenalin junkie visit the friendly folks at Baltic Adventure in Nida, who'll teach you how to blokart across a frozen lake at high speed. If you're wondering how a blokart can travel so effortlessly across a frozen lake, don't worry as each blokart boasts ice blades instead of wheels. 

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