DESTINATION/ Berlin – Living without the Wall

The German capital celebrates an important anniversary this November – 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall. Exhibitions and special events are on their way in the city known for numerous museums and concert halls, as well as nightclubs.



Berlin – Cool City with Dynamic Past

Daniel A. Tanner

Berlin is a city that has practically grown from nothing (a dived and bombed out city) to become one of the most diverse and interesting cities in the globe. On 9th November 1989, the entire universe watched as Berliners climbed on a wall that once divided the city and also stood as the Cold War’s symbol. It staged an extraordinary comeback over the last 25 years to become capital of cool in Europe despite its dastardly past as Nazi’s capital in Germany. Among the attractions of Berlin are wo...

25 Years after the Fall of Berlin Wall

Gary Diskin

The collapse of the Berlin Wall and its consequences was one of the most significant events in modern history. The twenty fifth anniversary of that historic day is 9th November 2014. In commemoration of this poignant and significant historic occurrence exhibitions and tributes have been scheduled across the City of Berlin. The events are structured around meaningful messages including revisiting and re-capturing Berlin as it existed when it was the divided city and in placing this in the context...

Mall of Berlin: Building Berlin's Tourist Economy

James Morris

Berlin is boosting its tourism economy with a new mega mall – the Mall of Berlin.  The 270-store complex promises to encourage the German capital's reputation as a major shopping destination. Opened at the end of September, the complex is set to expand another 30 percent within the next year. Once completed, it will be the largest shopping center in Germany. Andreas Kogge, head of Berlin retail leasing at Jones Lang LaSalle Inc., describes the mall as being more than a retail center. He indicat...
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Berlin Ready to Welcome Crowds of Tourists

Tomas Haupt

Record numbers of tourists are expected to visit the Berlin city during November weekend to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall. According to Burkhard Kieker, CEO of VisitBerlin, tourists would like to have a first-hand account as to how Berliners have utilized the opportunity that was presented to them two-and-half decades ago. VisitBerlin, in association with Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH and the Berlin Senate, is launching domestic as well as international campaigns to marke...