DESTINATION/ Bavaria: Castles, Mountains and Much More

Beautiful castles, gardens, parks, mountains – Bavaria in Germany has it all. Discover the Renaissance heritage of Augsburg, Regensburg’s Italian heart and Dachau’s royal history.


Experience Bavaria and Its World Famous Landmarks

Denise Chen

Cities, culture, sports and leisure, holidays with the whole family and much more – there are many reasons to spend your holiday in Bavaria! Hi-Tech and Traditions Laptop and lederhosen – this expression has become very popular and refers to the successful coexistence of the high-tech industry alongside old Bavarian traditions and customs. Munich is the capital city of publishing houses and other industries, like biotechnology, automobile industry, air and space travel (Oberpfaf...

Fairy Tale Castles and Palaces for Kings and Queens

Michael Trout

The Free State of Bavaria is not only the largest federal state of Germany (70,548 km2, 12.5 million inhabitants) and one of the oldest states in Europe (history from a 6th century duchy to 19th/20th century kingdom), but it is also the most prosperous and attractive German territory. This has doubled since 1806, when the Holy Roman Empire ended and the regions of Franconia and Swabia were integrated. Since then Bavaria extends from the Alps to the river Main as a link between northwestern and s...

Dachau: The City of Bavarian Kings

Denise Chen

Dachau is known around the world as a learning and memorial site, the city aims to counteract its past falling into oblivion. At the same time, the more than 1200 years old town is famous for its amazingly diverse arts and cultural scene, even beyond the region. On 15 August 805 the noble lady Erchana from the comital family of the Aribones donated her estate in (then so-called) “Dahauua” to the diocese Freising. With the deed of donation Dachau was mentioned for the first time. It emerged at...

Regensburg: Young, Italian, and Right in the Heart of Europe

Dan Rang

It does lie a bit off the beaten track, it’s true. Yet, the city that was still “at the back of beyond” until the 1980s is now right in the heart of Europe. And a visit to the city that calls itself Regensburg is certainly well worthwhile, in particular because it lies in the centre of a triangle that has Frankfurt, Munich and Prague at its corners. Some people call Regensburg “Italy’s northernmost city”, for others it is “Germany’s mediaeval miracle”. Both groups are right. It’s not only the...

Augsburg: The Center of Renaissance in Bavaria

Tomas Haupt

Two thousand years of glorious history have sculpted the face of Augsburg, where past eras come alive. Follow the trail of the Romans, whose Emperor Augustus had the city founded to immortalize his fame. Immerse yourself in the world of the powerful Fugger and Welser families, who made medieval Augsburg a nexus of the Holy Roman Empire and a home to famous artists. The Oldest City Founded by the Romans in 15 BC it is the oldest city in Bavaria and second oldest German town. Augsburg's citysc...