SPA/ Get Pampered in Asia

Have you ever tried the Indonesian massage, Thai herbal compress or even the Chinese knife massage? Explore some of the age-old Asian spa treatments and get ready for unusually good experience.


Knife Massage: Try the Traditional Chinese Treatment

Laura Maudlin

It looks like an average massage parlor with four comfy beds. A small aquarium boasting tropical fish stands in a corner of the room. Pink floral sheets cover the beds. The masseurs, however, practice knife massage, an ancient Chinese folk remedy for body pain. Instead of rubbing in oils and perfumed lotions, Pan Wen-hsiung and his three masseurs deftly pat affected parts of the client's body with the edge or the back of a kitchen knife. Among Pan's regular customers is 51-year-old Peng Lan...

Malaysia: Thousand Years Old Spa Techniques

Laura Maudlin

For a truly unique Asian spa experience, there is no better place to experience age-old Malay traditions, culture and spa treatments than Tanjong Jara Spa Village, located at the award-winning Tanjong Jara Resort. The 5-star resort is situated along the beautiful east cost of Peninsular Malaysia, between Kuala Terengganu in the North and Kuantan in the South. Traditional Healing Art The resort embraces the traditions of Malaysia and the concept of Sucimurni where every breath taken is one of...

Rejuvenating Senses: Indonesian Style Massage

James Morris

The Matana Spa is found hidden away behind natural bamboo and stone walls with flowing waterfalls. Situated in the centre of Tasik Ria Resort & Spa (North Sulawesi, Indonesia), just next to the large free from fresh water swimming pool, surrounded by swaying palms and leafy trees, is a treasure of calm and tranquility. The resort offers a range of procedures include the traditional massage. Indonesian massage techniques are gentle and aim to make the patient feel relaxed and calm througho...

Thai Spa Philosophy and Treatments

Justin N. Froyd

Having worked as a spa manager for many years, I have to say I personally love everything to do with the Thai spa experience; it is a culture that completely embraces the spa philosophy. They believe that all spa treatments are balanced through outer and inner beauty, which is achieved through the use of herbal tonics, exercise, whole food fasting and selfless gestures towards others. Thai spa is a culture that has its roots firmly planted in holistic origins, which lately has been completely...