HERITAGE/ The Best Art Collections in Hotels

Art, classical or contemporary, can be found more and more frequently in hotels’ lobbies as well as rooms. Visit London, Tel Aviv, Verona or Florence and discover the beauty of the local hotels and their art collections.


London Hotels Displaying Great Art

Vanderlei J. Pollack

If you want art in London, you might head to Tate Britain, the National Gallery or Sotheby’s for example. Or for something more cutting edge, you could be tempted to check out the Saatchi Gallery or Tate Modern. But you might also find your hotel to be an equally good place to find contemporary art – since many London hotels are now looking to artists to help them foster their own distinctive character. An increasing number of London hotel lobbies are turning into proper little art galleries!...

The Listel, Vancouver's Most Art-Full Hotel

Laura Maudlin

Located in the heart of Vancouver's shopping and restaurant district, the Listel Hotel (Thelistelhotel.com) has earned several affectionate descriptions: Vancouver's most art-full hotel, the "cool" hotel, and a hotel with a unique genius. Looking beyond the hospitality industry for innovation and inspiration, its owners and management first embraced the idea that their hotel should be more than a first class place to sleep and eat during a renovation of the 129-guest room facility in 1997. The a...

At Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Art Is All Around

Michael Trout

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze is a living museum of art history, set within the walled tranquility of Florence’s largest private garden. The Hotel comprises two Renaissance palaces, whose previous residents include a Pope, an order of nuns, Italy’s first railway company, five centuries of Florentine nobility and a Viceroy of Egypt (who sold it when his harem was barred from moving in). Today, the Hotel’s colorful history unfolds through its ornately painted and crafted interiors, which have returne...

Artplus Hotel: Contemporary Israeli Art Exposed

Ashley Nault

Artplus Hotel is a joint initiative between the Sebbag family of ORS Ltd. and the Atlas chain of boutique hotels. Artplus hotel has marked one of its primary agenda's to promote and expose contemporary Israeli art in a variety of ways. Artplus Hotel is a culture centre for art lovers and art professionals, both Israeli and international. As such, it hosts an array of events dedicated to contemporary Israeli art. From professional guided tours in the hotel and in galleries and museums in Tel A...

Contemporary Art in Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà

Denise Chen

Art, design, hospitality and fashion merge together at the splendid fifteenth century Patrician villa, which is Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà, an exclusive hotel inaugurated in September 2005. Conceived as a permanent exhibition of contemporary art, the interior of the hotel displays works by artists of international fame, such as Vanessa Beecroft, Corrado Bonomi, Enrico De Paris, Loris Cecchini, Sandro Chia, Peter Halley, Damien Hirst, Robert Indiana, Anish Kapoor, Kimsooja, Sol LeWit...