Adventure War Zone: Someone Like It Hot

Iraq, Afghanistan or Lebanon belong to countries that definitely are not the most popular destinations for a common tourist. Yet, some travelers and tour agencies find their way even into these regions while trying to show the world different face of countries mostly portrayed as unstable or dangerous.


How I Found Peace in Iraq

Andrea Hausold

The first time I went to Iraq, I didn't tell anyone that I was going. Not my closest friends, not even my team at Terre Entière. We specialise in cultural tours and have managed to carve out something of a reputation for our knowledge of the Middle East. However, travelling to conflict zones holds absolutely no appeal for us. In deciding to go to Northern Iraq, I was well aware that I would be staying in the completely pacified areas of Kurdistan. But the powerful worldwide media coverage...

Lebanon: Political Instability, Power Cuts and Lots of Tourists

Daniel A. Tanner

“The only thing I miss about the US is uninterrupted electric current,” says Ali, a 20 year old Lebanese-American English Literature student spending his summer break in Lebanon. “My mother, on the other hand,” he chuckles, shaking his head, “can’t wait to get back.” In one sense Lebanon isn’t a conventional destination for many tourists. Notorious for its political violence and instability, Lebanon has gained, over the years, the reputation of be...

Sri Lanka‘s Tourism: 30 Years of Silence Finished

Pat Hyland

In an interview with the Daily News, Tourism Promotion Minister Faizer Musthapha speaks about the development taking place within the country’s tourism sector under Mahinda Chintana. What are the plans drawn up to turn Sri Lanka into one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia?  Sri Lanka is a foremost tourist destination which has diverse attractions along with beauty, culture and warm and hospitable people. The only negative factor which caused a setback was LTTE te...

Afghanistan Builds Up Tourism, Will You Go?

Ashley Nault

Afghanistan is making efforts to build up its tourism industry as part of its economic recovery, but when will it be that people could consider traveling to Afghanistan safe? Media are running stories about how a little province in Afghanistan is making hard effort to boost tourism in the region and show a different image of the country. Bamiyan is one of the safest parts of Afghanistan. There is a hotel there called Silk Road that is trying to bring tourists in the area. “Bamiyan firs...