Active / Adventure: Hiking and walking

Eco-friendly walking and hiking travel is springing up, but does tourist industry react to demands from the customers? An independent study from Wales (UK) shows that the impact of walking holidays on the rural economy is underestimated and calls for further research. As the success of the local tourist board in Southland (New Zealand) demonstrates, it is possible to attract tourists from abroad by designing a program that promote prestige and beauty of local trails among the native population. A Scottish pilot project is aimed at attracting adventure-seeking tourists to remote areas in off-peak seasons and thus supports the local travel industry. Traditionally, hiking and walking as popular pastimes have been associated with countries such as UK, Australia, US or Canada. Is this perception still true? We are examining special features of individual walking holydays in France and hiking group tours in Tuscany (Italy).


Economic Value of Walking Tourism on Rural Wales

Larry Brain

At present, only a small proportion of tourist visitors to rural Wales would identify walking as the sole, or even most important, attraction, although it clearly constitutes an important facet of their overall experience. Unpublished survey information from the Wales Tourist Board suggests that 5 per cent of holidays in Wales are specifically for walking; a further 22 per cent include walking as a significant factor...

«My place – Southland»

Nils Kraus

A campaign to get Southlanders to check out their own backyard before traveling overseas on holiday was a great success. The My Place Southland marketing campaign was aimed at increasing Southlanders' knowledge and pride in the region and then encouraging their friends to come and visit or settle in the South. The campaign has proved very successful...

Walking in France – What to expect?

Alec Hills

The French trail system is 110,000 miles long and is made up of three types of path: 1. Long national paths, called sentiers de grande randonnee or GRs for short. These are numbered—GR 3, GR 76, etc.—and are mapped on the one-sheet, 1:1,000,000 IGN map #903, France, Grande Randonnée. There are 38,000 miles of GR trails in France; they are laid out to connect one point with another. For example: the GR 5 runs from the Luxembourg border all the way down the Vosges, Jura and Alp mountains to the...

Tuscany: Slow down to See and Feel More

Ashley Nault

Truly Italian Approach Maybe the best thing about traveling so long in one region is that you make great local friends. Next thing you know, you’ve spent 20 years in a place and you’re introducing those friends to your friends – which is exactly what we do with you in Tuscany. Walking from hotel to hotel, we show you our favourite parts – the best of the rolling Tuscan countryside, Etruscan tombs and great medieval towns. And all along the way, charming locals add depth to every experience, whe...

Thrill Seeking Holiday Package

Daniel A. Tanner

A Package of thrill seeking holidays has been launched in Scotland to attract tourists in off peak seasons. VisitScotland and businesses in Fort William and Lochaber area have launched an adventure passport with discounts on activities, accommodation and eateries. The scheme includes a partnership with outdoor provider Outdoor Capital UK for activities like ice climbing, kayaking, quad biking and snowboarding...