Tomas Haupt - Jun 28, 2021
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Tourism is gradually returning as many holidaymakers plan their vacation for the summer months. For the travel industry recovery to go smoothly, trust and transparency are the key aspects.

In this context, public relations company Edelman conducted a study for Travelport. The results of the study showed that customers expect more trustworthiness and transparency from the tourism industry.

Flexibility and No Additional Costs

According to those surveyed, the most important elements for a more trustworthy travel industry are no additional or hidden costs (55 %) as well as flexibility and better refund policies (45 %). Respondents believe that the industry is not doing enough in the above-mentioned aspects.

According to the CEO of Travelport Greg Webb, no hidden or additional travel costs represent an even more important aspect of trustworthiness than, for example, an airlines’ safety record.

Most Reliable Sources?

The study also addressed the topic of travel information sources in the context of the recovery of the tourism industry.

More than two-thirds of respondents (67 %) consider their family and friends the most reliable sources. In contrast, only 30 % trust influencers and even less people consider celebrities trustworthy (25%).

These results indicate that consumers have a general understanding of how influencing and sponsored content works and that they value authenticity and transparency more.

Slight Safety Concerns

The study also noted that 56 % of respondents consider the safety measures implemented by the industry with regards to the pandemic as satisfactory.

However, there are slight concerns with regards to the enforcement of the measures. In this context, just half of the respondents believe that stakeholders in the industry will be capable of enforcing the social distancing measures.

Data Management Concerns

Finally, data management is also a concern for travelers. Less than half (40 %) of respondents said that they trust companies in the industry to use their data in accordance with the data regulations in force.

Generally, respondents are less confident and comfortable about data management of information shared indirectly. This is the case of, for example, communication via social media or based on previous search and booking behavior.

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