Chris Grad - Sep 20, 2010
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If you would like to know Russia better you should take a train going on the Trans-Siberian Railway. In 14 days you will travel through the country and at various stops, you will have the opportunity to explore cities or natural reserves of the country.


Traveling long distance by train may seem rather uncomfortable. However, if you choose the Trans-Siberian Railway you may find it is not entirely true. Trains that go on the railway provide luxury and also possibility to travel through the country in 14 days. You will be able to see and visit Moscow, the Gobi desert, and Ulan Bator. Russians prefer traveling by train than by plane as plane tickets are much more expensive.

There is no need to worry about the safety during the journey as there is always a group of police officers to make sure everybody is safe. Moreover, everybody who boards the train has to present their ID along with the ticket. Those who enjoy luxury can travel by the "Golden Eagle“. It is a renewed tzar’s express that was used by the Russian ruling class. The equipment is not the same, some improvements were made. For example a painting on the wall was replaced by a plasma TV and instead of carpets there are heated floors. Also, each carriage has its own luxurious bathroom.

However, you can also travel by a regular train. During the stops you can make trips and explore the region through which the railway goes. In Moscow you can see the Red Square, in Krasnoyarsk you can admire the nature reserve Stolby or visit amusement park Bobroviy Log.

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