Bill Alen - Mar 21, 2011
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InterRail pass allows unlimited travel by train in partner countries for a predefined period of time. The sales of the InterRail passes are steadily increasing and Eurail Group, which provides the service, is confident they will manage to attract 265,000 passengers this year.


According to Eurail Group G.I.E, the company responsible for marketing and management of InterRail passes reported a positive numbers for 2010. Some 244,000 Europeans used the passes and their sales increased by 6.2 per cent in year to year comparison.

Eurail Group announced that the InterRail Global Pass had become quite popular and its sales had increased by 11 per cent compared to 2009. As reported, the growth was expected as InterRail Pass Senior was introduced last year. This pass offers significant discount for people over 60. Its sales represent about 6.4 per cent of the market share. Another popular product is the 15 Day Global Pass. Eurail Group claims that both products have been well received by the customers and they are likely to become a stable part of their offer.

Thanks to the management of the Eurail Group and the marketing campaigns, brand awareness has always been of high quality. The management has also helped to shift the sales towards the Internet booking channels. Therefore the company has also benefited from the current online shopping trend. The continuously good performance during the last year clearly showed the strength of the InterRail brand. At the beginning of 2011 Eurail Group is confident that this year they will attract more than 265,000 passengers.

The InterRail pass is a railway ticket (Railroad Pass) available only to those who are European residents longer than six months. The pass allows unlimited travel for a predefined period of time. Certain high-speed trains and overnight trains require additional payment for reservations.

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