Justin N. Froyd - Apr 8, 2008

It is an item which many of us are passionate about, use every day and even have problems when forced to do without it. The item referred to, of course, is coffee. Some have wisely come up with the idea of combining one of the world’s most popular beverages with tourism. Just as people flock to America for the whiskey tours, go to Central Europe to take part in brewery tours, coffee is the focal point of a growing number of holiday itineraries. It is fair to say that the destinations for these tours may seem rather exotic and remote, yet surely the experience makes the tours just that little more exciting.


In a place called Boquete in Panama, tourists are able to experience the atmosphere of the two centuries old coffee business of the Ruíz family, of how they have been roasting and packaging the famous green coffee beans. The family has been using the shade grown technique, which involves growing the beans beneath trees. This is a unique method which has so far survived three generations.


Moving across the globe, to Indonesia to be precise, tourists are welcome at the Losari coffee plantation resort and spa. This is located in the central Java surrounded by eight volcanoes. The resorts provides a very private experience for the coffee enthusiast. Indeed, it is possible to reside in the Dutch mansion, famous for its great service.


Last but not least, the Parque nacional del café in Colombia is famous for the smoothest and tastiest coffee on the planet. Situated around 160 miles north of the Colombian capital Bogotá, this resort may seem quite out of the way. However, this does not stop hundreds of people every year coming to drink what they believe is the best sample of their favourite hot drink.


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