Larry Brain - Dec 3, 2018
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Ugandan agriculture and tourism officials are developing projects to promote coffee tourism in order to boost revenues in both sectors.

Last week, officials told reporters that coffee producers will be introduced to consumers as part of a "farm to cup" approach, which allows consumers to visit farms and share their experiences with farmers. Coffee tourism has a big potential in the country.

Tourist participation promotes the increase in the production of good quality coffee and therefore stimulates revenue.

"Bringing consumers to farms and ensuring that they are provided with all the amenities they need in terms of transport, housing and on-farm experiences will also encourage increased incomes as farmers and stakeholders involved in the hospitality and tourism sectors become more important due to their overall visibility," said Stephen Asiimwe, Director General of the Uganda Tourism Board.

Officials said that to launch the coffee tourism strategy, the country would organize the first Symposium and Exhibition on Tourism and Coffee early next month.

Through the Coffee Roadmap, the Ugandan government hopes to increase its coffee exports dramatically, from 4.6 million bags (60 kilograms per bag) per year today to 20 million bags by 2025.

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