Gregory Dolgos - Jul 26, 2010

If you are not interested in the usual sights in Berlin you may enjoy tours organized by left wing radicals. They will take you to poor parts of Berlin and show you local squats or you can visit a crime and drug infested multicultural neighborhood Neukölln to see the life of immigrants in Berlin.


Berlin is certainly a world known destination with numerous sights but there is also a dark side of the city: neighborhoods with social problems, high crime rates and inhabitants from many countries around the world. People usually do not look for such places when on holidays, or do they? If you are one of those interested in this kind of experience you can participate in a tour that would take you to these places in Berlin. The tour called revolutionary Berlin is probably the roughest. Left wing radicals will guide you through Kreuzberg neighborhood, where fights between protesters and police take place every year on May Day.

If you want to go on the tour you have to contact the right people through email or facebook and then you must go to a certain place and look for a person in a red T-shirt with a sign „Streik“ (strike) on it. According to server, the guides will instruct you how to behave on a demonstration, how to avoid being arrested or what to do when tear gas is all around you. The climax of the tour is a visit to local squats including the arguably biggest legalized Berlin squat that is called Köpi. However, the inhabitants are not always happy with the visitors.

Those who are not interested in street fights could visit nearby neighborhood Neukölln. It is not a luring place for most Berliners because of the immigrants who live there and the high crime rate as well as unemployment rate. Drug trade is also flourishing in the neighborhood. According to some people, 163 various nationalities could be found there, which really makes it a Babylon of our time.

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