Ashley Nault - Nov 23, 2009

Berlin is one of the most popular European capitals which draw tourists from all over the place. Those seeking to explore this wondrous city from a different perspective should look out for Trabbi Tours – they are simply marvelous.




Berlin has many charms. Its memory is very long and complicated and especially this year means a lot for its history. It is only a few days since the fall of the Berlin Wall was commemorated by many statesmen and politicians. Its cultural potential is undisputed and local majestic buildings and architectural gems are overpowering. It is a proper metropolis with pulsating night life, countless galleries and museums and tourists simply cannot get enough.


However, those who wish to truly re-live the past and explore the area formerly known as Eastern Berlin will love the Trabant Tours. Why not discover the city from a new or rather old perspective? The Trabants are a legend. During the Soviet era, Trabant, or Trabbi, used to be a fancy car which many were willing to wait for years to get. In one case, even fifteen years.


There are not many surviving examples of Trabbis which would still be working properly. Naturally, as a product of its time and place, the car is an unquestionable environmental disaster and those who use it need a special permit. They are not comfy, they are not fancy, but they are real – and are a very truthful reminder of the past times. An authentic tour de Berlin in a Trabbi is a truly unforgettable experience – especially when it comes with a local guide who is chatty and knows his history.


Sadly, even the ‘youngest’ of the amazingly loud and smoky Trabbis is not going to last forever. So anyone who fancies the idea of a four-wheel bumpy tour should not linger – though there are still many talented self-taught mechanics wondering the streets of Berlin.








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  1. Trabant is a funny car - smelly, ugly, uncomfortable. I remember as a child I viewed people with Trabant as really wealthy. I wonder whether these trabant tours are popular among western tourists. I guess they are since it is something new and adventurous for them.


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