Andrea Hausold - Jun 15, 2010

From now on the Tempelhof airport in Berlin can be used for various activities except flying. The former largest airport in the world has been changed into a park.


Tempelhof was one of the most famous airports in Germany and many historical events took place there. Lufthansa was founded there and started its scheduled air services in 1920s. Tempelhof airport was built by Hitler and it was the largest airport in the world. Even today the airport is one of the largest complexes of connected buildings in the world. The planes were landing at Tempelhof airport by October 2008.

As reported further operation of the airport made no sense not only because of the inner city location but mainly because of the construction of the central airport in Schoenefeld. The former airport has thus been changed into a park! With 380 ha, it is one of the largest green city areas in the world.

Just imagine running six times around the airport. By the time you finished, you would have run a marathon distance. In-line skaters can skate on two runways, however, bikers prefer to go around. This place can also be very well used for picnicking. The park opens every day at sunrise and closes at sunset.

The fence that surrounds the airport becomes a problem. Some left oriented activist claims that the intention of the city of Berlin is to build a high security park. They want to make the park more free and open. They are afraid of losing their personal rights.

So if you decide to visit Berlin, do not hesitate. Tempelhof Airport City Park is another place worth seeing in Berlin!

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