Kevin Eagan - Sep 27, 2021
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Tourism marketing strategies are all about highlighting the qualities of products and services that aim to meet the needs of current and potential customers, in order to achieve the goals outlined in the marketing plan. These goals must be achievable and measurable.

The three main functions of tourism marketing are:

-Promoting products and services of a company through different channels; for example, with the purpose of obtaining visibility.

-Increasing sales.

-Providing the opportunity to offer each customer a personalized product that they actually need.

From Tourism Marketing Strategy to Action

“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare,” says a famous Japanese proverb; and perhaps action is what your marketing strategy is missing to achieve the desired results.

Bellow crucial tourism marketing strategies for tourism business are briefly covered:

A video is worth a thousand words…

According to Wideo, an online video creation tool, 80% of users who visit a site watch a video, while only 20% read written content. This means that videos will always be more attractive to clients who visit your site for a query or search. These numbers also explain the boom of videos in tourism, as it allows consumers to ‘try’ or ‘live’ the experience before making their final decision.

One tap on the phone

The idea of booking a vacation using your mobile phone is more and more attractive. Most airlines now have an app from where you can book tickets, and some even sell complete hotel packages, transfers, tours, restaurant reservations, and, due to the pandemic, recommendations for medical centers where COVID-19 tests can be taken… all in one place.

Be more social

Being sociable is no longer a question of having the most ‘real’ friends, but the one with the most followers on social media, which has become a norm for every company.

The first step is to choose the social network that best suits the business. For tourism companies, Instagram is the right place, since the visual advantages it offers are an extraordinary way to showcase products and services, not just in photos, but also Stories, IGTVs and now even Reels. The other recommendation is to book the services of a good tourism community manager that knows how to translate your ideas into content and sales conversions.

Track until you catch

Ever heard of ‘remarketing’? Maybe one time you visited a website to check prices for tickets to Venice and thought, “I’ll just buy them later”, only to move on to a different site and find ads of flights to Venice. That’s what remarketing is all about, chasing the clients online until they decide to buy. This can be implemented through ads in social media.

An engagement factory

Social media continue to be the greatest ally of tourism marketing strategies. The possibility that social media offer to make live sessions or videos has become a ‘factory’ for doubling the amount of likes, shares and comments, which translates into more engagement on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. When a hotel community manager sends an accurate, clear and direct message to the audience, you gain new followers and even new potential clients.

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