Cecilia Garland - Apr 6, 2020
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These are difficult times for the tourism industry and losses are immeasurable. The situation calls for action, and companies will need to be as creative as possible to survive the crisis. Inspired by ideas from many companies, there are three tourism marketing tips that will surely be of help at this time of crisis.

It is often said that every crisis brings opportunities and what matters is to know how to make the most of them. Here are some strategies that travel and hospitality businesses all over the world have been using to stay relevant.

Social Media, the Greatest Ally

During the lockdown, the number of people turning to social media have increased significantly. For example, Italy recorded a 70% increase in internet usage in just a couple of weeks, while in Mexico it has already risen by 30%.

It is the ideal time to take advantage of social media and online sales. Some hospitality providers and agencies have taken a look at travelers’ visits on Instagram to offer summer promotions or to showcase their hotels and gain followers who dream of traveling once the pandemic is over.

Gain Fame

Use this time to strengthen your brand. Some businesses are changing inside out without fear; for example, you might consider taking advantage of the situation and turn your website into an information hub, updating it with travel cancellations and reschedules and including changes to hotel or trip reservations.

This would allow your company to earn the trust and loyalty of many visitors, thus establishing itself as a company that cares about the customers.

Offer New Services

To survive one must adapt. Some hotels have turned to creativity and transformed their rooms into quarantine facilities. A clear example is Le Bijou, a boutique hotel in Switzerland that opted to remain open 24/7 so people could isolate in their rooms. Of course, the hotel followed the necessary procedures, covering all of the customer’s needs and included coronavirus testing and medical visits. Just remember, don’t let the circumstances keep you from having an active business.

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