Dan Rang - Jan 16, 2012
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2012 is a special year; anticipated by many, feared by some. It will certainly feature many great events which the world cannot wait for.

This year is a magical year. It has already named a movie, has its own legend about world’s end, but also, 2012 is jam-packed with many exciting events and anniversaries. The London Olympics may be slightly stealing the thunder of any other events, yet on the other hand the world has waited for four years to watch the summer games. Locals are eagerly expecting the wave of tourists and business which is about to hit London and several other locations in England.

Initial fears spoke about the lack of accommodation options, yet garden camping appears to be the new trend, appealing to sports fans who do not mind pitching up a tent in someone’s garden. A potential crisis is lurking and travel experts estimate staycations will still be popular, yet short breaks may still become the most fashionable trend. A short concentrated holiday packed with fun experiences will certainly become popular.

Ireland will also come in the spotlight in April, especially on 15th April as that day will mark 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic. A spectacular event will be held introducing the “world’s largest Titanic experience”. The famous film featuring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio will be released in 3D for the first time that day and its director, James Cameron, will host a program on National Geographic dedicated to the topic.

2012 is also expected to launch many technological improvements and gadgets which will help improve the services related to travel & tourism. For example, RFID – enabled key card or boarding pass.

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