Kevin Eagan - Feb 6, 2012

Expedia has revealed the results of their annual Vacation Deprivation Study which monitors the vacation trends and choices of people all over the globe. Who gets the most holiday and where the No 1 spot is – the study has the answer.

Tourism providers are always keen to get an insight into a holiday makers’ mind to learn what their choices and preferences are. Expedia’s annual Vacation Deprivation Study is a brilliant, much anticipated tool, which monitors the trends and habits of tourists from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The survey, which took place between 19th September – 9th October 2011, includes 7,083 respondents. There are significant differences across the continents, namely in terms of the number of days one can actually spend off work as well as what the preferred manner of relaxation is.

The French, Danish, Spanish and Brazilians seem to have the best conditions, as their employers offer 30 days off work each year. The British follow with 25 days, still contrasting with 14 vacation days in the U.S. South Koreans get only 10 free days, out of which they tend to use only 7. Overall, many nations seem not to take full advantage of the free days given which is neither healthy nor wise.

Those who do end up going on holiday prefer relaxing at the beach (38%); romantic holiday is also a very welcome and popular option (19%), followed by a city holiday (13%), and outdoor holiday has also made the list (11%).

Expedia was also seeking information regarding the reason respondents were willing to sacrifice their holiday. Most were willing to reconsider if the financial reward was adequate (38%), while quite a significant group failed to plan their vacation in time (20%). Interestingly, there are those who cannot imagine their life without work and simply do not need a holiday (10%).

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