Nils Kraus - Jan 9, 2012
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Last year Ireland recorded 7% increase in incoming tourism. The industry celebrates success after three years of decreasing popularity.

The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation has announced that visits from overseas increased by 7% last year.

If one were to have read such a statement in 2008 then it would not have caused such a pleasant surprise, yet Ireland has just come out of one of the worst periods it has ever had in terms of tourism. Indeed, last year represented the first increase in tourism since 2007. After 2007, the recession dug in and Ireland’s hotels and tourist centers became empty.

Ireland owes its recovery to four nations in particular: the Germans, the British, the Americans and the French, who provide 80% of the income from incoming tourism. The British, due to geographical and family reasons, are the number one tourists on Irish territory, whereas the rising popularity of Eire amongst the French is worthy of note.

Moreover as a result of the positive aftermath of the recession, 6000 much-needed jobs have been created. The Irish government may give itself a pat on the back for contributing towards the upturn in fortunes. Since the VAT rate on goods relating to tourism was switched from 13.5% to 9% in order to restore competitiveness, tourists have had the tendency to spend more during visits to Ireland.

Other factors in the improvements have been bargain hotel rates, which always entice those deeming expensive hotels to be a waste of money, Barack Obama’s visit, the visit of the queen and generally improved financial conditions for tourists from the four countries mentioned above.

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