Larry Brain - Jul 16, 2012
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The Indonesian island of Bali, hailed as one of the best islands in the world has been embraced immensely by tourists especially those who come from the west. The white sand beaches, the rice terraces, mild climate and thousands of historic temples are just few of the reasons why tourism is quite big in Bali.

It is so big that at the southern part of Bali, the main revenue comes from tourism. Its commercial district mostly consists of hotels among other establishments that cater to tourists, not to mention the fact that most of the locals work in the hotel and tourism industry.

However while the island is indeed graced with utmost beauty, there is poverty that is very imminent beyond its picturesque image. Like any other developing country, the margin between the poor and wealthy is quite vast. While the southern part of Bali is quite industrialized with its modern architecture, skyscrapers and well-built roads, if one would muster the courage to go inwards one will think that he or she has gone to a very different place.

The eastern part of Bali is still quite devastatingly undeveloped with roads that are very uninviting, with only a few schools that were just built not a few years ago and people who can barely read and write or do much math.

Although tourism in Bali generates tons of money, the revenue that is gathered is being spent on developing the already very much developed and commercialized tourist spots which is not bad in itself but the thing is, those parts of Bali that are experiencing poverty in all its forms, do not get showered with any tinge of development. As a result, as the cost of living rises in the entirety of Bali due to tourism, the undeveloped parts of Bali get screwed more and more while the commercialized spots can steadily keep up.

The present Governor of Bali has announced the aim to sole this predicament. However it is the investors that should be held accounted for. Some of those who are aware of the problems have been doing projects that help these poor spots in the island and while it is not yet enough, it is a definite start. It is through these projects that schools have been built as well as water resources for places that do not have its own water resource.

The Governor also stresses that tourism is in fact a blessing to the island. It is proper economic segregation that is needed to be practiced that although it cannot be really expected that the revenue can be split evenly, it will at least make the other parts of the island of Bali keep up and not be thoroughly left out.

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