James Morris - Mar 24, 2013
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The recent developments where Pope Francis has been inaugurated to take over the mantle to head the Catholic Church is expected to stir up tourist's interest to visit Argentina.

There is no doubt that many people all over the world would like to emulate the new pope. To be able to follow his footsteps, such people would like to have a basic understanding of his background and how he grew up. One of the best ways to do this would be to visit his country of birth.

According to Mike Schields, Argentina is set to become a popular tourist's destination just like Poland during the time of Pope John Paul II. Some of the places that are going to be important for tourists include the birth place of the new pope, churches where he conducted mass in the past, his home towns and cities among others. People will be seeking to meet those who possibly knew him since he was young to hear their understanding of the pope.

As time goes by, the world is set to know more about the life of Pope Francis and many people will be interested to get in touch with the increasing community of catholics in South America. Tourists are expected to flow in large numbers to Flores which is the birthplace of the pope. Flores is an outskirt of Buenos Aires. The Cathedral Metropolitana is expected to receive many visitors particularly because the pope conducted the mass in this church in the past.

Pope Francis attended Immaculada Concepcion seminary which is located in Villa Devoto, western side of Buenos Aires. He was the head of the Argentine Jesuits which is situated in the Cordoba city. Cordoba has been receiving tourists in the past especially after the UNESCO named Manzana Jesuitica a World Heritage site back in the year 2000.

It is an interesting thing to note that Pope Francis has been a fan of San Lorenzo Football Club. Information from reliable sources confirms that the pope has been watching all the matches involving this team. He went as far as presiding over a mass to mark the attainment of 100 years since the team was unveiled.

Tour operators have already started providing the necessary information on booking of tickets.

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