Chris Grad - Dec 15, 2014
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According to a recent report assessing international tourism in Argentina, 51.2% of outbound travelers left the country by air, a decline of 6.4% when compared to the last year. The main countries where Argentinians headed were Chile, Brazil and Uruguay, which together accounted for 53.3% of the total outbound tourism.

The findings are from the latest Survey of International Tourism (ETI) issued by the National Ministry of Tourism and the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC). Other results show that the average length of stay abroad for Argentinians was 12.2 nights, overnights totaled 2.5 million, and the daily average spending by outbound tourists reached USD 86.3.

In October 2014 it was estimated that a total of 468,000 tourists visited Argentina representing an annual increase of 15.8%. The number of Argentinian tourists traveling overseas reached 457,100, which is a decrease of 5% compared to October 2013.

48.2% of visitors arrived to the country by air, a 10.7% increase over the same month in 2013, while 42.9% came by land (+26.4%). The main source countries were Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, which together accounted for 52.7% of the total incoming tourism.

So far this year, it is estimated that a total of 4,806,900 tourists have come into the country, amounting to an increase of 14.6%.

The estimated expenditure for all foreign tourists in Ezeiza and Aeroparque in October 2014 was USD 226.2 million, representing an increase of 7.0%, while spending by Argentinian tourists abroad was estimated at USD 219.5 million for both airports, 28.4% lower than the figure recorded in the same month last year. There was a positive balance of USD 6.7 million Brazilians are the largest number of incoming tourists in Argentina. They account for 30.7%, followed by Chile with 10.4%, the United States and Canada with 8.2%, and Uruguay with 2.8%. The rest of America represents 24.8%, Europe 17.3% and the rest of the world 5.4%.

In October 2014, foreign tourists stayed on average for 10.1 nights in the country, with 17.3 nights being the highest average, recorded for tourists from Europe. Overnight stays in the same month totaled 2.2 million nights for both airports, reflecting a drop of 5.0% compared to October 2013.

The average daily expenditure by foreign tourists was USD 104.7. The highest average daily expenditure was by Brazilian tourists (USD 156.7).

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