Pat Hyland - Nov 26, 2012
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Which city offers the most to their hotel guests, depending on what you get for your money? decided to answer this question. Experts analysed testimonials of over 5 million customers who have made hotel reservations.

In Poland:

Based on value for money, hotel owners from Krakow were placed 1st out of five biggest cities in Poland. Guests which have made reservations gave this city average score of 7.85 points, based on that Krakow takes 1st place in the ranking. The 2nd place goes to the capital city Warsaw which received and average score of 7.84 points. Lodz was placed 3rd with average score of 7.81. Guests were less satisfied with value for money offered in Wroclaw. Guests have given it a score of 7.56 which placed this city in the 4th place. Ranking is closed with Poznan with a score of 7.42.

5 Best towns in Poland based on best value for money (out of best score of 10):

Krakow 7.85
Warsaw 7.84
Lodz 7.81
Wroclaw 7.56
Poznan 7.42

In the World:

The golden city of Prague besides wonderful relics and diverse culture offers the best value for money compared to other metropolitan cities. With the score of 7.98 the capital city of Czech Republic have become a winner in our international ranking in which the best places were taken by countries from Easter Europe. Results were a bit surprising. Based on guest votes, Lisbon the capital city of Portugal received 7.95 points and placed 2nd. Warsaw placed 5th in our international ranking with score of 7.84. In regards to hotels based outside of Europe Bangkok got a good score and placed 9th. The capital city of Thailand received 7.74 points.

Guests that visited hotels in Helsinki placed it in 19th place with a score of 7.14, however customers of other hotels in other Scandinavian cities were less satisfied with the value for money they received. Members of said that Stockholm (6.45), Oslo (6.13) and Copenhagen (6.06) offer poor value for money. Hotel owners from London (6.30) and Moscow (6.09) have plenty to catch up with.

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