William Law - Jan 7, 2013
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Today traveling is for many people a luxury, and that is why we all look for better ways of travel that are smart and cheap. Here are a couple of tips how to book a hotel room in 2013 that suits your preferences.

Scour-Social Media

You probably are aware that most hotels have special offers on their Facebook or Twitter pages. Ensure that you follow the links of your favorite brands so as to get their updates. It may sound silly, but you wouldn't wish to miss special offer or promotional offer because you were too busy with other things. In addition, do not forget about email, most hotels send news feeds to customers on promotional information and alerts through emails.

Pick-Up the Phone

Fear not to give the hotel a call at any time. Inquire whether they can accept your rates you have come across on a flash-sale or Expedia. Hotels would definitely want to do business with you. Most of them are willing to negotiate with you on the rates and particularly for a last minute travel where occupation can be arranged. On the other hand, you can join a hotel's loyalty-program at all costs. In addition to being a dedicated phone-attendant, you will earn yourself a good reputation from the hotel.


Most hotels these days are now paying more attention to serving guests at their own preferences compared to the previous years to ensure that they are fully satisfied. If you want a feather-free pillow, you will undoubtedly find it in your room next time you visit. Savvy hotels track requests from guests, so be confident in asking whatever you want.

Travel "Smart"

Last minute bookings these days are more popular than ever before, and hotels admit that they will offer discounts in case rooms are available. There are some apps that are quite helpful like Hotel Tonight and Jetsetter. If you want to pay full-price then you can try out WantMeGetMe site that allows you a certain VIP perk guarantee and late check-outs with a range of options for comparing rates and making bookings.

Go Boutique… or Leverage Loyalty

The hotel business sees the smaller hotels fighting the bigger brand hotels for customers. Most business travelers tend to be attracted by bigger brands because of the loyalty perks they boast about. However you can consider booking an independent smaller hotel that offers more experienced personnel and higher touch staff. If however you travel to the bigger brands, then ensure that you use your membership status as a form of loyalty when you are traveling at a personal level. You will most definitely be recognized in the hotel's system even though you cannot book with points.

Get an Agent

Most recently, travel agencies are getting back on track. More often than not, agencies are willing to negotiate preferred rates, they aid with arrangements beyond their hotel concerns and arrange tours and transports.

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