Tourism Review News Desk - Jul 5, 2010

The renovation of tunnels and underground chambers of the Roman Colosseum are coming to an end and tourists will have the opportunity to see the underground of the Colosseum for the first time this August. It was built in 80 AD and it has remained a great attraction till these days.


The underground tunnels and chambers of the Roman Colosseum will be opened to visitors this August for the first time after the renovation. Visitors will have the opportunity to look at places where gladiators waited for the beginning of the games and where exotic animals were kept. Number of tourists especially fans of the movie Gladiator are expected to arrive. 

The complex system of elevators and pulleys that was used to get the hungry bears, lions, tigers or crocodiles, naturally did not survive the centuries. Nevertheless, according to Czech internet daily tourists can still admire the places where eighty elevators used to be in ancient times.

The Colosseum was built in 80 AD and some 60 000 people could watch the games from four storeys. The rich as well as the poor visited the Colosseum for more then 400 years to enjoy the cruel and bloody shows. Everyone had their place based on the social strata they belonged to. The more powerful you were the lower storey you could enter. The lowest storey was reserved for the emperor and for the Roman elite.

A typical day at the Colosseum would start with hunting. Hunters killed tigers or deer to please the audience. Public executions took place around the midday and then the gladiator games started. The more blood was shed the more satisfied the audience was. 

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