Nils Kraus - May 3, 2010
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To enjoy true quality, art enthusiasts are willing to fly around half the globe. What frequently comes as an unexpected surprise are luxurious hotels which feature valuable and often rare art collections.


Some of the European capitals are packed with art galleries and museums which present some of the most precious masterpieces and thousands of culture fans seek these out constantly. What may have escaped the full-blown media attention, however, are some of Europe’s luxurious hotels which house valuable and rare art collections.

The Four Seasons Hotel in Florence is a perfect example. This hotel brings together great style with modern design and an impressive collection of 12 reliefs depicting mythological stories painted by Bertoldo di Giovanni, the teacher of Michelangelo, which date back to 1555. The interior features vaulted ceilings which show scenes from daily life of the Renaissance. Both hotel restaurants are the crème de la crème of culinary art and returning guests will find no two rooms are alike.

Visitors to the Greek metropolis of Athens are naturally blown away by the ancient Acropolis and the remains of one of the greatest empires our world has ever known. Those who are lucky to check-in the Semiramis Hotel will get a juicy bonus: an astonishing private collection of contemporary art. It features two photographs by Spencer Tunick, or pieces by the intriguing Jeff Koons.

The Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà in Verona, Italy lures visitors with the famous Clown photos by Cindy Sherman, nude photographs by Vanessa Beecroft, or the renowned Love sculpture by Robert Indiana.

The recently re-vamped Dolder Grand in Zurich, Switzerland, had undergone a massive four-year reconstruction and now displays oil paintings by the unique Tamara de Lempicka, Salvador Dalí’s Femmes Metamorphoses or Sol LeWitt’s Horizontal Brushstrokes. Apart from a very valuable art collection, guests to this hotel may enjoy a luxurious health spa and unbeatable vistas over a lake with Alps in the background.

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