Samuel Dorsi - Jan 16, 2012
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Tourism industry is a very advantageous business for any economy, especially when it’s booming. However, there are places which got as far from luring tourists as one may possibly get.

Safety, security, quality of services, comfortable accommodation – these are among the ‘given’ requirements one expects when traveling. Any destination which fights for the attention of tourists needs to meet their needs, or better yet exceed their wishes by far.

The sad reality brings to world attention many places which are at the other side of the scale. Sadly, these places have suffered gravely and rave between hits of aggression and violence, drug crime, extreme poverty, civil war, and illness.

Harare in Zimbabwe is one of the worst places to visit. Local economy collapsed, foreign investors would hardly start business there and unemployment reaches 80%. Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea boasts no positive image either. While the country features most amazing dive spots and a diversity of cultures, the city is overcome by rape, murder, and HIV.

Sana’a, the capital of Yemen, makes one wonder; this beautiful country has incredible potential, which is currently outweighed by piracy, religious fanaticism, rather horrific reputation of an Al Qaeda training ground and a place where child brides are a common occurrence. Avoiding Yemen completely seems, regrettably, a smart traveling choice.

Ciudad Juarez in Mexico is notorious for the endless cartel wars which claim thousands of lives each year. This city has an unappealing nickname ‘murder capital of the world’ and hope seems to be nearly lost there. On the other hand, the government is trying to get the situation under control.

Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince in Haiti has often been named among the damned places of earth; this massive slum lacks schools, electricity, healthcare facilities and sewage systems.  It is a very violent place, literally sent to hell by the earthquake of 2010.

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  1. PNG

    Rape, murder and HIV - no mate, what about bridery, witchcraft, wife beatings, sexual assaults of all kind, constant fear of death around every corner, litter galore - we have it all. Forget adverture parks - this place has it all - it should be a tourist haven.....

    Ummmm (Papua New Guinea)
  2. Marketing tourism Officer

    I think there is a media exaggeration on what is going in Yemen and in such sense I do dare any of such news about. In case any one would discover it in reality, visit it ! I indeed can make you sure all the negative descriptions about Yemen comes back to intentional targeted campaign led by Gulf first and their allies.
    Any way, Yemen should retake its position again as soon as possible.

    Ahmed Al-Dali (Yemen)

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