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Dark, filthy, dangerous – each big city has its own dark spot – a street or a district avoided by locals and sought out by adventurous tourists. presents top five of the sleaziest streets in the Europe published by Times Online.

Reperbahn, Hamburg

Reperbahn is one of the most famous streets in Germany. It is notoriously known for its numerous sex shops, strip bars and night clubs. Since prostitution goes hand in hand with criminality, the street gets occasionally quite rough because of gang fights. The atmosphere of a red light district and gangland has become an often-visited tourist attraction. The place is a popular destination for 24 hour drinking tours especially among British youth. Over the day there is not much to see except the Beatles Museum. The street comes to live at night and then all tourists should be extra careful and watch their belongings.

Wenceslas Square, Prague

Wenceslas Square is probably the most famous square in Prague, the Czech capital. The large square that includes two shopping boulevards becomes the centre of prostitution and drug dealing at night. In an effort to clear the place policemen can currently be seen patroling the square more often. Nevertheless, drug dealing and prostitution have always been very hard to fight. The architecture of the buildings here is definitely worth seeing but be careful and watch out for pickpockets.

Damstraat, Amsterdam

Damstraat is the main street in Amsterdam. It also leads to the nearby red light district that is full of coffee shops, sex shops, and bars. Police patrols the street frequently at night. The street is often full of mostly drunken and unappealing tourists but it is also well-lit, so just be more careful what is going on around you while strolling there.

Place Pigalle, Paris

Place Pigalle in Paris is an entertainment district. It is full of French cinemas, cabarets, hotels and restaurants. Unfortunately, the place is full of drug dealers, prostitutes and pickpockets too, although the sleazy parts of the district are gradually improving their image. Police has been pushing the criminals away so the place will hopefully be more visitor-friendly in the future.

Omonia Square, Athens

Omonia Square used to be the heart of Athens between 1960 and 1990. However, since 1990s the Greek capital has been invaded by foreigners looking for job. The immigration wave brought also criminality to the region, and the Omonia Square has become the centre of it all. Pickpocketing and drug dealing is on daily schedule there, and prostitution is flourishing at night. Hide your wallet and other valuables when strolling around this remarkable place.

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  1. Does Johannesburg not classify? I think it is far worse than any of the cities mentioned above. I would not even walk around Highpoint in Hillbrow anymore! And that used yto be 'THE' place to hang out 20 years ago! Now it's just full of druggies, criminals, homeless people and filth...

    Chrissie B. (South Africa)
  2. Ramblas in Barcelona is much worse than any of your examples. Pickpocketing and scams in broad daylight.

    Jeff (Netherlands)

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