Tourism Review News Desk - May 14, 2012
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The emergence of social media sites which foster quick and updated information. It has become a part of every discretionary traveler since these sites are home to unlimited information. They show even more interest because of its accessibility. Even mobile booking has become easier with the addition of network capabilities in phones. It has become a common theme in executives, as well as the leisure travelers.

The increasing competition for market companies for these technologies has pushed them to develop and grow. Such advancements so much so that it would be hard pressed to find gadgets without mobile media capabilities.

In terms of popularity, social media sites have a particular affinity with Russians. In a survey by PhoCusWright, more than half of the respondents check social network sites for travel reviews. For more information, they think that travel reviews are more likely to help them make a decision. Also, more than half of the Russians have become more inclined to share pictures of their travel experiences. Looking to get advice from friends and family on where to go, Russians lean more towards social media than the United States. Generally, its other market counterparts have lagged a little behind in interest. Less than 40% of UK travelers use their mobile phones for check-ins, sharing of experiences and transactions. Germany however, has been on the low end of taking advantage of this technology. There is less than a 30% average interest in Germany in terms of using their phones.

The tourism industry of the United States and Russia are more inclined to provide services for both mobile and social network sites. In a survey conducted, more than half of them use mobile phones for checking flight status. As well as finding information and updating check-ins, the US mainly has the edge on European markets. Using mobile media for planning travel, European markets generally showed less interest. Compared to the German and the UK areas, less than 30% have made use of mobile phones for ticket transactions.

The best thing about having these innovations is that information has become more accessible for the public. The leading market companies have a big task ahead of them in order to disseminate these services. The discretionary traveler has become more aware and has taken advantage of innovated media.

Posting pictures and sharing experiences has topped the list. More and more options are being developed to smoothly monitor the flow of finding information. Operational functions are now available such as check-ins and ticket transactions. Mobile media is more accessible. However, social networking sites account for more information and updates from marketing companies around the world.

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