Daniel A. Tanner - Nov 22, 2010
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Social media marketing is very important for any business nowadays and the interest in courses in the given area is growing.


Social media marketing is a marketing tool every businessman should pay attention to. Chris Augsburger, a head of education at the Hotel School of Lucerne SHL, agrees with it and confirms it by stating that the school started with two classes devoted to the topic two years ago and nowadays there are eighteen. Hoteliers and tour operators deal with social media marketing every day. However, since it can be very confusing for many of them, there is a considerable demand for social media marketing courses.

To master the right use of social media marketing is crucial in current business. That is why the Hotel School of Lucerne invited Raphael Wyniger, the owner of Teufelhof in Basel, to talk about his experience with social media marketing in practice. Wyniger, who deals with social media marketing on daily basis, says that the combination of theory and practice in the given area was very useful for him. He is convinced that social media such as facebook, twitter or blogs are a very good tool to increase the brand awareness and online visibility of every business. That is why it is very important to teach the new generation of hoteliers to deal with the social media.

Since the school covers all the costs of Wyniger’s classes, any students are welcomed to join the course. Not only hoteliers should attend such courses, because social media marketing can help any business. It is never too late to start learning.

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