Denise Chen - Feb 21, 2011
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Around 7500 hotels can be found on nearly 1600 beaches in just over 110 countries according to a newly launched on-line tool for holidaymakers. The Beachfront Club has over 2000 interactive maps which plot the size, shape and location of every hotel found on every beach in the world. The site is set to become a global authority on true beachfront hotels, offering beach-lovers access to where to stay and revealing the real truth about the world’s beachfronts.

To Beachfront or Not To Beachfront

“By true beachfront, the mark in the sand is that there must be no road between the beachfront resort and the sand itself. There must be no road and traffic between the room and the sand or the water,” so says the dynamic Founder of The Beachfront Club, John Everingham. He personally walked along many of the beachfronts in Thailand along with Co-Founder Chris Ryan to find and plot each and every beachfront hotel and build a credible launch pad for the site. The idea is to also build up a beach-lovers community, as well as beach and destination profiles.

Interesting Beach Facts

Many holidaymakers make the mistake of presuming they will be staying beachfront because of misleading hotel marketing or missing information. The Beachfront Club draws a line in the sand that reveals the true beach view. Surprisingly, some of the most famous countries in the world have very few true beachfront hotels with Australia having about 10% of the number of qualifying hotels on the site as Thailand and around half the amount of the Spanish island of Mallorca. The beautiful Thai island of Koh Samui comes out as a clear winner with over 230 true beachfront hotels.

Some less well-known beaches make the Top 20 destinations in the world for having the most beachfront accommodations. According to The Beachfront Club destinations such as Side and Kemer in Turkey make the grade. And Goa has more qualifying hotels than any other beachfront in India put together. Bondi Beach in Australia, one of the most famous beaches in the world interestingly does not even qualify as having any true beachfront hotels.

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